Paradis🍅 is a collection of movies curious about architecture. It shows settings, characters, actions, sets, props, dialogues and dramas, in a beautiful, interesting, and sometimes masterful manner. Movies come from many genres, decades, locations and productions, to assist architecture students in discussing their ideas and qualifying spaces.

Paradis🍅 has its custom-made search instrument, Panoramas of Cinema🍿, and with it, all its elements are treated in a vivid and lively manner. The stages, objects, characters, dialogues and textures are one click away, and can be re-positioned to show new ideas and stories. It is an open and generous digital vidéothèque that honors its traces and loves constructing more.

Paradis🍅 is a research project gardened by DrSc. Jorge Orozco at the Chair for Digital Architectonics in ETHZ's Department of Architecture, and assists educational institutions across Europe, including ETH Zurich, UdK/TU Berlin, University of Innsbruck and TU Vienna.

Visit its sibling digital library Xenotheka and its search instrument Ask Alice, or become a part of it via GitHub.