Paradis­čŹů is a collection of movies curious about architecture. It shows settings, characters, actions, sets, props, dialogues and dramas, in a beautiful, interesting and sometimes masterful manner. Movies in Paradis­čŹů come from many genres, decades, locations and productions, to assist architecture students in discussing their ideas and qualifying spaces with moving colors and shadows.

Paradis­čŹů has its custom-made search instrument, Panoramas of Cinema­čŹ┐, and with it, all its elements are treated in a vivid and lively manner. The stages, objects, characters, dialogues, colors and textures are one click away and can be re-positioned to show new ideas and stories. Paradis­čŹů is an open and generous digital vid├ęoth├Ęque that honors its traces and loves constructing more.

Paradis­čŹů is a research project gardened by Dr.Sc. Jorge Orozco at the Chair for Digital Architectonics in ETHZ's Department of Architecture, and assists educational institutions across Europe, including ETH Zurich, University of Innsbruck and TU Vienna.

See Paradis­čŹů and Panoramas of Cinema­čŹ┐ acting in studio Meteora & 0-More, and visit its sibling digital library Xenotheka and its search instrument Ask Alice.